Vanambadi fame Suchithra Nair to visit Onnum Onnum Moonnu

Padmini de Vanambadi is a popular character among Malayali's television audience. The actress Suchithra Nair who gave life to the role of Padmini will be the new guest on the popular celebrity chat show, Onnum Onnum Moonnu season 4.

The chat program presented by the singer Rimi tomy will feature Suchithra Nair who will talk about the unknown facts about herself to her dear audience. The show will also feature dancer-turned actress Dhanya mary varghese who plays Seetha in the series Seethakalyanam. Following the fun promotion that appeared on the channel's social media page, Suchithra and Dhanya are having fun with the host, Rimi. The actresses, loved by the family audience, talk about their popular characters and their new projects. Rimi also has her guests do some fun chores on the show.