Exclusive! Gaurav Paswala: You do not need to panic, but you must follow all precautions for coronavirus

the Coronavirus outbreak has grabbed everyone's attention and with the situation getting worst with each day, masses are getting panicked and expressing their concern on social media. the entire film industry is also taking precaution and are avoiding the environment which can affect their health.

Speaking on this topic, in an exclusive interaction with ETimes, highly recognized Dhollywood actor Gaurav Paswala shared his views. One should avoid traveling abroad and going to public places, washing hands with soap, avoiding going to public places, wearing a mask and avoid touching things in public and use hand sanitizer, he said.

In addition, he added, There is no need to panic, but to follow all precautions And if you feel out of breath and have a fever and a cold, get a checkup.

On asking Gaurav for his work schedule he replied saying, "Luckily I am not shooting so I get to spend more time with my family". the actor recently shared a photo where he is seen clicking himself with a mask used for preventing such diseases.