Madhya Pradesh: Speaker issues warnings to 22 rebel MLAs, seeks response on Friday

BHOPAL: Speaker N. P Prajapati has issued notices to 22 congressional MLAs who have resigned, asking them to appear before him before Friday and clarify whether they have resigned voluntarily or under pressure, a legislature official said Thursday.

Meanwhile, the BJP has said it will seek a floor test at the Madhya Pradesh assembly on March 16, while Congress said it is ready to face the test only after a decision on the 22 MLA resignations.

The senior congressional leader said that speaker Prajapati has issued notices to all 22 MLAs, including six ministers, who have resigned.

Singh also sought to know why MLAs were not meeting with the speaker of the assembly to present their resignations.

He has asked the 22 MLAs to appear before him before Friday to clarify whether they have resigned voluntarily or under any pressure, Vidhan Sabha chief secretary A P Singh said.

The government led by 15-month-old Kamal Nath has faced a deep crisis after the resignation of 22 MLA from Congress after former Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia resigned from the party on Tuesday.

Since the government is a minority, we are going to request a floor test from the Governor and Speaker of the Assembly on March 16 when the state budget session begins, BJP chief in Madhya Pradesh assembly Narottam Mishra told journalists here.

The Governor and Speaker have 22 MLA waivers. Now it's up to them to take a call, he said.

This government has lost the majority, said Shivraj Singh Chouhan, a former BJP leader, a former prime minister.

BJP spokesman Rajnish Agrawal also said that on the opening day of the state assembly budget session on March 16, they will pressure the speaker for a floor test.

When asked about the BJP lawsuit, Digvijaya Singh said that the prime minister is ready for a floor test.

As Kamal Nathji has already said that we are ready for the floor test. But, there should be a decision on the MLA resignation before the floor test, Singh said, blaming the BJP for the state's constitutional crisis.

Resignations will be accepted when MLAs meet with the President one-on-one and verify their signatures without any pressure. Then, the resignations will be accepted and the floor test can be performed, he said.

He said the speaker has already issued warnings to the rebel MLAs, who should now go to him and clean the air.

Nineteen Congressional MLAs are in their captivity (BJP). Family members (of MLAs) cannot speak to them. Their phones were taken away. It is also strange that the resignation of the MLA from Congress was presented to the speaker by BJP leader Bhupendra Singh, he said.

Now they (BJP) hope their resignations will be accepted, the congressional leader said.

The BJP stated that this is an internal matter of the Congress, but at the same time the leaders of the saffron party presented the resignations of the MLA of the ruling party (Congress) to the speaker, he noted.

The congressional veteran also said that the country's people should understand what kind of manipulation the BJP has been doing to form its government.

Digvijaya Singh further said that he never understood his ideology and believes in political responsibility.

On Tuesday, the 22nd MLA of the Madhya Pradesh Congress resigned shortly after Scindia resigned from the party.

Of these lawmakers, 19 are currently at a resort in Bangalore, while three are still in Madhya Pradesh, the sources said.

Congress has a slim majority wafer in the 228-member Assembly. Before the rebellion, his count was 114.

It also has the support of four independents, two BSP MLA and one SP, but some are now able to switch sides to the BJP.

If the 22 MLA resignations are accepted, the strength of the Assembly will drop to 206.

Congress, on its own, will keep 92 seats, while the BJP has 107 seats with the magic number for a majority of 104.