Thane: a runaway boy reunited with his family after five years

THANE: A 15-year-old boy, who ran away from his home after a fight with his mother in 2015, was traced back to New Delhi and reunited with his family, police said. The boy left his home in the township here on September 25, 2015, after which his parents filed a police report, the Ulhasnagar Crime Branch police inspector said on Wednesday.

Recently, while detecting some cases of missing children, the police learned that the boy was in Delhi.

Police managed to locate the boy in the national capital and brought him here on Tuesday with the help of his relatives, the official said.

When police questioned him, the boy informed them that when he was angry at his mother after a fight with her, he left his home in September 2015, the official said.

The boy also told police that he initially worked at a vegetable market in the Mumbai area and then moved to Goa. Later he went to Delhi, where he worked in a catering service.

Police advised the boy and released him to his parents on Tuesday, the official said.