Young singers need a platform to showcase their talent after these reality shows have ended, ace singer Hariharan says

One must eat, live and breathe music to play the correct chords of the hearts and leave the listener with wet eyes. And he certainly did, not once, twice, or three times, but every time Tuhi Re sang, ‘ Chanda Re Chanda Re ’And many other timeless songs.

Yes, we are talking about a versatile singer. Hariharan , who happily dedicated his life to music and still fuels a passion for music just as he did decades ago when his career began.

He recently visited Kolkata to film for an upcoming episode of ‘ Super singer ’, Which has judges Kavita Krishnamurthy Kumar Sanu and Jeet Ganguli . In the middle of the hectic session, the singer patiently talked about his first love music, the current trend in the industry and how he is fascinated by young talents every time he meets them.

The Padmashri recipient speaks in Suddh Hindi, with some Urdu words in between, it is no wonder that he has a long love relationship with Ghazal after all. In a small make-up room, a few steps away from the shooting set of ‘ Super singer ’, the conversation started with his association with Kolkata that goes back to 1983.

I came here with Asha Ji. There was a great show at Netaji Indoor Stadium in which R.D. Burman sahab, there were many more recognized artists including Shailendar (Singh) ji and a large crowd appeared to see Asha Ji and Burman Sahab once. It was a wonderful experience for me. After that, I have been here many times, after all, Bengal is a abode of talent. I have some musician friends here, ”he paused briefly. And then he added: “So, I married a girl who is from Calcutta, although she is a South Indian but belongs to Calcutta. Tabse aana jana laga he raha hai. He laughed as he shared.

The ace singer will be seen as a special guest of ‘ Super singer ’, hosted by Jisshu U Sengupta . Talking about the experience, he added, “ Super singer has many talented singers. They surprised me by singing tough compositions of Manna da and Lata ji. I am mesmerized to see how the young contestants performed such tough compositions with confidence. Every time I meet young singers they leave me awestruck with their talent.”

Hariharan lauded the contestants and their mentors and added, “These young singers were performing with such perfection. If there is soulful music, you don't get tired at all, no matter how long the shoot goes on. If the performances aren't good then sometimes you get tired, sometimes you have headaches and other things, ”I laughed out louder. Interestingly, the man himself had finished a portion of the shoot and had a scheduled one yet he sat with a smile on his face and patiently talked about his first love-music.

When asked how reality shows broadcast on different channels witness such a large turnout each year, he added: “These young singers should also have the opportunity to showcase their talents after the show. Hum talent nahi banate Uparwala deta hai (We do not make anyone, it is the grace of God). There are so many talented singers, all they need is an opportunity to demonstrate. Those who have USP in them will stick for the long term. Young singers struggle to make a career and after a certain time, they have to face the real questions. Her parents ask why they still can't leave a mark. After all, success is important! But I am still happy that these children learn music. He paused as he walked down the memory lane.

“45 years ago, when I started, there was only one channel. The young musicians were invited to the studio and used to perform on the show. Aise he kisine mujhe bula lia uss show par (Someone gave me the opportunity to perform on the show). Today, there are so many channels and they have many shows and each channel has its own reality shows. The competition is really fierce. Humare time pe aisa nahi tha (That time, things were different), ”he explained.

The singer, who has received many prestigious awards, has been part of the Malayalam music reality show. While sharing his experience, he added: “Today nobody wants a student who has studied a lot. Sikho magar dikaho mat (learns but does not show much). Meer, Gamak, Taan, wo nazakat- ye sab zada nahi chahiye, thoda sa jaanle baki hum kar lenge (Meer, Gamak, Taan are not very necessary. You must know something and the rest will be managed). They want newbies with a cute face, ”one can feel the deep pain when he speaks.

Finally the topic of recreating old songs came up. The veteran singer, who has played in many regional languages, explained how recreating old songs has become a trend these days. Technical aspects have a vital role to play today. “There are recreations, technically sound things. But I feel that independent music should be done more. Whether in the form of albums, bands, or solo releases. There should be no non-filmy songs. Things have drastically changed in these years, you know? He shared.

From classical, semi-classical to fusion, Hariharan is equally eloquent when it comes to music. But none can deny his tryst with Ghazal. And the conversation reached its final station with his favorite topic. “You can't deny the charm of Ghazal (laughs). There are musicians who are passionate about it but the problem is, 'Where would you release it?' There are fewer Ghazal s because there aren't many places where you can place it, ”the maestro spoke with a heavy heart and one could read the words left untold in his eyes.