Hyderabad: Image of corporate husband holding AK-47 goes viral

HYDERABAD: A photograph of Corporal K Srilatha's husband holding an AK-47 assault rifle went viral on social media on Wednesday. Police said they are investigating the issue.

Rajendra Nagar police said Mahatma, Korani Srilatha's husband, had turned off his mobile phone and was held incommunicado. Neither Mahatma nor the gunmen were assigned. Police suspect the weapon may belong to the gunman of an MLA or MP. “Once we contact him, we can find out where he got the gun from. Depending on the details of the investigation, we will check with the person to whom the department assigned the gun, Rajendra Nagar's inspector G Suresh said.

Police sources said that if the weapon was not misused, there could be no case against Mahatma. In the event that, if the gunman had given Mahatma the gun to take a photograph, departmental actions could be initiated against him as instructed by senior officials.