Tehran says worried about Iranians jailed in the United States amid viruses

TEHRAN: Tehran expressed concern on Wednesday over Iran's in the U.S for what he called President Donald Trump's mismanagement of a coronavirus.

Foreign ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi made the remarks after the U.S demanded the release of American prisoners from virus-hit Iran.

"We're concerned about sanitary conditions at America's prisons with the chaotic situation we're seeing" in the U.S , Mousavi said.

We are concerned about the health of some Iranian prisoners held hostage there, he said at a press conference that was held online due to the outbreak.

Both Iran and the U.S have been hit by the novel outbreak that originated in China.

The outbreak in the Islamic Republic is one of the deadliest outside of China, with the government reporting 291 deaths and more than 8,000 infections.

U.S a su vez ha registrado al menos 22 muertes y 607 casos confirmados, según un recuento de Johns Hopkins.

Washington asked Tehran on Tuesday to release all US prisoners detained in the country and said it will have a decisive response to any death among them.

It is regrettable that the US government, in an opportunistic move, accused Iran or China or any other country with which it has incompetence problems when the virus spread there, Mousavi said.

But, as we said before, this will also be counterproductive.

Mousavi criticó a U.S por lo que llamó sus proyectos imaginarios como un muro, un presidente despreocupado y una presencia innecesaria e ilegal en otros países.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman urged Washington to better use its resources to ensure the health of its citizens.

The tensions of previous decades between Tehran and Washington have increased since 2018, when Trump unilaterally withdrew from a historic 2015 nuclear agreement and again imposed crippling sanctions against Iran.

Mousavi dijo que U.S afirma arrogantemente que los alimentos y las medicinas están exentos de sanciones mientras que las transacciones bancarias están bloqueadas.

He called on Washington to lift the limitations if he was honest in his sympathy for the people of Iran.