'Fear of coronavirus hangs over ODI in Dharamsala'

DHARAMSALA: Coronavirus Fear is looming over the One Day International (ODI) match which is also scheduled for March 12 this month at the cricket ground here. But district authorities here have written to the cricket association to prevent the mass gathering after the disease outbreak.

Deputy Commissioner at Kangra, Rakesh Kumar Prajapati confirmed about the communication made with the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association (HPCA) and BCCI In this regard.

We have been instructed by the union ministry of family health and welfare to avoid mass gatherings. The same has been communicated to the organizers as well, he added.

Police authorities are concerned about the deployment of police officers to handle the crowd of around 20,000 people. To register visitors, the police on duty must contact people to register them, which implies the risk of becoming infected.

Superintendent of Police in Kangra, Vimukt Ranjan They said they make sure they have gloves and masks for the police officers on duty, but there is still an obvious fear among the force about the disease.

Spokesperson of the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association , Sanjay Sharma, said that the event is pre-decided far before the outbreak of this disease and all the arrangements have been done tickets have been sold now any decision in this regard can be taken by the higher authorities only.

ODI takes place between India and South Africa at the HPCA Cricket Stadium. The tourism industry expects a good step for this event. The match will start around 8:00 a.m. Teams from both countries are expected to arrive here starting Tuesday.

The rains predicted, the deity appeased

Rain is forecast on game day. For this, HPCA authorities had organized special prayers on Sunday to appease the deity of the Indrunag climate, located on top of a hill near here. Bad weather has often played a sport of spoil for the games here, since the cricket stadium is in the foothills of the Dhauladhar Mountains.