Pune: 3 engineering students arrested for throwing man from 11th floor of society building

PUNE: Kondhwa police arrested three engineering students accused of assaulting and murdering a 23-year-old man by throwing him into an open duct area from the 11th floor of a society building on the Pisoli road near Khadi Machine chowk around 2.45 am Tuesday.

A dispute over a money transaction has been established prima facie as the cause of the murder.

Kondhwa (crime) police inspector Mahadeo Kumbhar told TOI: “We have recorded the initial statement of an eyewitness (hidden name), who saw the three men push victim Sagar Chilaveri into the conduit from the passage of his 11th floor. We will record the witness's statement before a magistrate under Section 164 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

Pintoo Kumar, one of the two security guards on duty at the Kul Utsav Society, where the incident occurred, told TOI that they had seen the students flee the parking gate at the rear of the premises moments after the victim had fallen to the ground floor.

Chief Inspector Vinayak Gaikwad of the Kondhwa Police told TOI: “An hour and a half later, the three suspects, Abhinav Jadhav (23), Akshay Gorde (22) and Tejas Gujar (20), reported to the chowky from the Khadi Machine Police. and admitted his involvement in the crime. We have arrested them for crimes under sections 302 (murder), 323 (assault) and 506 (criminal intimidation), among other charges, of the Indian Penal Code.

Omkar Chandrakant Yenpure, a demolition security guard adjacent to the Kul Utsav society, had witnessed how the suspects attacked the victim and registered a FIR in this regard.

Police said Sagar and the three suspects stayed together in an 11th-floor flat in the society's C-wing building. He contacted the three of them through a friend, who was also staying in the same room.

Sagar, a dropout from the school, was from the Solapur district. After the death of her parents, she had moved to Pune a few years ago in search of livelihoods. One of his two sisters, who is staying in Pune, told police that he recently quit his job at a bakery and was working with a friend on event management jobs.

Police said Abhinav, who is from Pathoda in the Beed district, is a senior civil engineering student. Akshay is from Shegaon in the Ahmednagar district and is a third-year mechanical engineering student. Texas is from Shivajinagar in Beed City and is a freshman civil engineering student. They are all enrolled in an engineering university in Kondhwa. They are from families with an agricultural background, said Police Inspector Kumbhar.

The preliminary investigation revealed that Sagar had taken out a loan of Rs15,000 with 10% annual interest from Abhinav in January and was unable to pay the amount on time. Abhinav had been looking for him for the money and had called Sagar on the phone Monday night to ask about his whereabouts.

When Sagar told him he was in Swargate, Abhinav and the other two drove there in a triple bicycle seat. They forced Sagar to accompany them back to society on the same bicycle, police said.

Plaintiff Yenpure told the FIR that he and the society guard, Pintoo Kumar, were conversing near the front door when the four arrived by bike around 1.45 a.m. Soon, the three students began beating Sagar with their bare hands and he cried for help, the FIR stated.

The three then took Sagar to the parking area of ​​the C-wing building and assaulted him there again, Yenpure said. When he tried to stop them and asked why they were hitting the man, Yenpure said that Abhinav told him that it was his personal matter and that Sagar was not returning his money.

The FIR stated that the three suspects took Sagar to his room on the 11th floor, where another young man was already there. Again they assaulted the victim. Yenpure and the other guard of the society, Akash Devkar, who had followed them to the 11th floor, intervened and brought Abhinav, Akshay, Texas and Sagar to the front door, the FIR added. Here too, Akshay slapped Sagar when he repeatedly told the three that he would return the money on Wednesday, the FIR added.

Yenpure, Pintoo and Devkar convinced the trio not to hit the man. As the matter seemed to be resolved, Sagar was advised to stay with them as the latter was reluctant to return to his room, the FIR stated. Abhinav and the other two assured the guards that they would no longer hit Sagar and forced him to accompany them back to their room, the FIR added.

Yenpure and Pintoo stayed near the front door and Devkar headed towards Building C. Around 2.45 in the morning, Devkar came running towards Yenpure and Pintoo and told them that the three students had thrown Sagar from the hallway of the flat 11, said the FIR. Soon, the three guards rushed to the place where they found Sagar motionless and bleeding profusely. They immediately alerted the police.

An advanced postmortem report indicated that Sagar died of multiple injuries, police said.