I have a crazy connection with Kolkata: Papon

At the time of overwhelming Bollywood music, singer Papon is optimistic about the independent music scene in India. The music ian was in Kolkata to perform at a college fest recently. While talking to us, the music ian said, “Bollywood music is not really a music industry per se. It is the film industry. Historically, film music has been a commercial packaging of Indian music . In fact, a lot of overhaul took place here in the last five years. Bollywood music has opened up and became a lot more diverse now. There was a time when FM stations in radio used to play only Bollywood music . Now, singles released on the online platform is becoming an ‘in’ thing. I have been working a lot on the independent music and that will surely go on.” The music ian has a strong connection with Kolkata. “Every time I see Kolkata Metro, I miss my father, Khagen Mahanta (Assame folk singer). In the 80s, the construction work of the subway was underway and I remember it clearly. I used to come to Calcutta with my parents to record albums in one of the few good recording studios in the city and my father used to take me everywhere. I remember we used to visit Assam House on Russell Street. That area used to be my land of fun. I used to go to stores on Free School Street and Russell Street. ”

For Papon, the cultural closeness of Assam, the state he hails from, and Bengal It is a fascinating thing. “I love machh, bhaat and all that jazz. We have the same panta bhaat and started bhaja, ”he said.

In fact, the music ian’s love for the city goes beyond nostalgia. “I love the laidback nature of the city. It is a huge city that is tuck in a time capsule. No matter what, there will be corners for Add a and music . Every single child is a middle-class Bengal i family will go to music classes. That is the reason, the city’s concerts see music al crowd. It feels good to perform here,” the singe signed off.