A young man enters the department of East Delhi, kills his ex-girlfriend and his mother

NEW DELHI: A 24-year-old, along with an accomplice, entered his ex-girlfriend's apartment in the Vasundhara Enclave of East Delhi and allegedly stabbed her and her 45-year-old mother early Monday morning.

Police said the bodies of Sumita Mary and her 25-year-old daughter, Samrita, were found with multiple stabs in different rooms of the apartment at Mansara Apartments.

The main suspect, Vikrant Nagar, was held at night by Rajasthan police from a bus bound for Jaipur. He had fled with cash, jewelry, Samrita's phone and the family's car. Nagar, an aspiring model, had recently come out of drug abuse rehabilitation.

Samrita, who was admitted to a five-star hotel in Lutyens' Delhi, had ended her relationship with Nagar, but he had not reconciled with the breakup. The initial investigation revealed that Nagar was upset about Samrita's friendship with another man. His mother worked with an event management company and also with an NGO in Noida.

Investigative officials said Nagar had planned the murder and was waiting for Samrita to come home Sunday night. Around 11 p.m., he came home after watching a movie with a friend. Just when her car entered the apartment complex, the defendant followed her.

At 3.07am, Samrita is seen in CCTV images walking towards the door. “It seems that the two had an argument and she was leaving angrily. He told the colony guard that he would pick up his phone again and leave. Samrita never came back, ”said a senior police officer.

Double murder: accomplice of young people yet to be caught

At 3.50 in the morning, Nagar is seen along with his friend coming out of the town door. Samrita's friend revealed that Nagar didn't know how to drive a car. “He hit her in several places and broke the main gate of the colony while fleeing. When the security guard interrogated Nagar, he said he had pressed the accelerator instead of the brake by mistake, a police officer said.

In a previous video, Nagar is seen along with his friend entering the apartment behind Samrita. Nagar's friend, who wears a hoodie and a mask, has been identified as Prayag. He is escaping. You can see the two waiting near the stairs of the building before moving towards the house.

Police said that when no one opened the door in the morning, the help of the house had lent the keys to the neighbors and discovered the bodies. The police also suspect that Nagar used one of Samrita's works to commit the murders.

The neighbors told police that Nagar was a familiar face in the complex and that even occasionally he had stayed with the family. That is why his presence did not raise suspicions.

Sumita Mary and her daughter had been staying on a third floor apartment in B-block, Mansara Apartments, for many years. Samrita's father had died when she was five years old. Sumita has two brothers, a brother and a sister, both residents in Kerala.