Case of double murder in East Delhi: the mother of the deceased girl treated the murderer as a son

NEW DELHI: It was difficult for Samrita's friends to digest that her former boyfriend, Vikrant Nagar, aka Vinay, who was always quiet and quiet in the circle of friends, could kill her. Previously, the two were in a relationship for four years.

Prerna, the friend of Samrita's school, said: Vikrant was extremely dependent on the family. As far as we know, he was raised by his aunt after his parents had died. Samrita's mother would take care of him like her own son. He had even bought a TV for him.

According to his friends, Samrita had separated from Vikrant a year ago. “She wanted to move forward in life, but he constantly harassed her. He was obsessed with her and had even threatened to commit suicide in the past.

For Prerna, it was hard to believe that her friend no longer existed. “Samrita was a very cheerful and helpful person. His family used to feed stray dogs. His pet dog Snoopy had passed away last year and that had bothered Samrita a lot.

Samrita's friends claimed that Nagar had also gone to a rehabilitation center because of his drug addiction. Upon returning, he forced her to be with him. Samrita was already seeing someone else and Vikrant couldn't digest this, said another friend.

Meanwhile, the police retrieved a newspaper from Samrita's room in which she would write everything she was learning in her internship. From different styles of cutting onions to making biryani, details of everything he did on a daily basis in the workplace were mentioned.

Shubham, who lived in the apartment next to Samrita's, said: We would play badminton together. Our common friend had met her the night before when she entered society at around 11 p.m.