The government considers lifting restrictions on pharmaceutical exports while the industry expresses its concern

NEW DELHI: TheCentre is considering lifting export restrictions imposed on 26 pharmaceutical products after drug manufacturers ensured the availability of adequate stocks of drugs to meet local demand at least until May-June.

Following the outbreak of Covid-19 in China, a major supplier of drug raw materials or active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), the General Directorate of Foreign Trade had restricted the export of 13 specific APIs, and formulations containing them, from India effective immediately through a notification on March 3.

High-level representatives of the main pharmaceutical companies along with industry associations had expressed concern about the measure. On Monday, in a meeting with the panel of experts established to investigate the availability of drugs following the viral outbreak, the industry assured the government enough stocks.

In a written presentation reviewed by TOI, the industry said that in the event of an unexpected shortage all production and sale of APIs and formulations will be limited to domestic consumption.