Benefits of immersion in both physical and spiritual Ganges: Jonty Rhodes

MUMBAI: former South African batter Jonty Rhodes , possibly one of the best fielders of all time, is known for his affinity with India.

Rhodes was in Rishikesh recently and shared a photo on social media, stating that the benefits of cold water immersion Ganges They were both physical and spiritual.

Benefits of cold water immersion in the Holy Ganges are both physical and spiritual, he said in a tweet.

Rhodes will serve as Kings XI Punjab field coach in the next Indian Premier League ( IPL ) as of March 29.

Rhodes has a special connection with India when he named his daughter, born in 2016, India Jeanne Rhodes.

I have spent a lot of time here. What I love about India is that it is a rich mix of culture, heritage and tradition. It is a very spiritual country, a very progressive nation. I really like that combination. You have to have a good balance of life, Rhodes had said.