Madhya Pradesh: Problems for the government of Kamal Nath while the state Congress faces rebellion

BENGALURU: The government led by Kamal Nath in Madhya Pradesh plunged into a crisis on Monday when several MLAs from the party and 6 ministers left the state to go to Bangalore.

The development takes place amidst differences between factions in the unity of the party and at a time when the party has to finalize its state Rajya Sabha candidates.

Sources said that the number of MLAs in Congress that were in Bangalore had risen to 19 and one more was expected to arrive in Bengaluru on Monday night. They said the MLAs have come in batches and include six ministers from Madhya Pradesh.

The events occurred one day when the chief state minister, Kamal Nath, met with the head of the Sonia Gandhi party and discussed the political situation in the state.

The sources said that the MLAs are likely to move to a resort on the outskirts of Bangalore.

According to the sources, BJP Mahadevpura MLA Arvind Limbavali has been in contact with the MLAs of Congress. They said that 16 MLAs were brought to the HAL airport in Bangalore for a special flight and that they were currently staying at a hotel.

The session of Madhya Pradesh assembly will begin on March 16 and the BJP may bring no-confidence motion against the.

Kamal Nath had said after his meeting with Sonia Gandhi that the MLAs of Congress who were reportedly missing, had returned and informed him that they were in 'tirth yatra'.

The MLAs in Congress returned and told me they were going to 'tirth yatra (pilgrimage).

The Congress has accused the BJP of trying to topple the party government. Party leader had earlier alleged that BJP leaders Shivraj Singh Chouhan and Narottam Mishra were offering bribes of Rs 25-35 crore to Congress MLAs in order to bring down the Congress government in the state. The BJP had refuted the allegations.

In 2018 assembly elections, Congress won 114 seats in the 230-member assembly and formed the government with the support of four Independent MLAs and two BSP MLAs and a legislator from the Samajwadi Party (SP). The BJP had secured 109 seats in the state assembly.

Last week, Madhya Pradesh labor minister Mahendra Singh Sisodia warned that the state government will face a crisis if it ignores or does not respect the party leader. Jyotiraditya Scindia .

Scindia had said last month that he would not hesitate to go out on the road if the promises made in a manifesto by the government led by Kamal Nath in Madhya Pradesh were not fulfilled.

Kamal Nath had responded to the comments by saying: A utar jayein (let him go outside if he wants to).

Congressman MLA Bisahulal Singh, who was missing in recent days, returned to Bhopal on Sunday and said he had gone on a pilgrimage.

Independent MLA Surendra Singh said Monday she hoped to become a minister soon.