Jamia organizes a conference on mystical poetry and rationalist tradition in India

The English department, Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) organized the 13th Ahmed Ali Memorial Conference about 'Organic intellectual, mystical poetics and rationalist tradition in India today' in the Mir Anis Hall of the university. Amit Chaudhuri, essayist, poet, critical and Professor of Contemporary Literature, University of East Anglia, was the main speaker. The session was chaired by Professor Mohd Asaduddin, Dean of Faculty of Humanities and Languages, JMI. The lecture commenced with the opening remarks by Professor Nishat Zaidi, Head, Department of English. Apart from introducing the novelist, critical , poet and translator Ahmed Ali, she spoke about a short history of Jamia Millia Islamia , which is celebrating its centenary year. Amit Chaudhuri began his lecture by juxtaposing the relationship between politics and literature. He drew upon the idea of the organic intellectual from the Gramscian tradition and attempted to connect it with the recent trends on digital platforms like Twitter and real-life situations. He dwelt upon the domain of mystical poetry. Through the sculptures of Arjuna’s fasting and quoting lines from Lalon Faqir, he pursued the idea of the organic intellectual in art forms. He concluded the lecture by trailing a conglomeration between the rationalist traditions and the various facets of knowledge. Using the example of Bengali poet Dwijendralal Ray's 'Dhana Dhanya Pushpa Bhara', he reiterated the secular and rationalist tradition of India. The lecture was attended by faculty, students and researchers from across the departments and universities.