RJ Pritam Singh, famous for Bigg Boss 8, rescues a couple who was beaten by thugs; share horrible details on social networks

RJ Pritam, who rose to fame by participating in the controversial reality show Bigg Boss 8 , recently met with a tragic incident. The RJ turned to his social networks to share horrible details of the incident, in which a man and a girl were brutally beaten by thugs and when he decided to rescue the couple, he was also beaten. Pritam He shared some photos of the injuries he suffered during the incident on his Twitter account.

In another tweet, the actor shared details of the entire incident and said it took place in Bangur Nagar Sign, as he passed, he saw a couple being brutally beaten by thugs. He managed to save the couple and took them to the hospital. He wrote in his tweet: The incident occurred as a sign of bangur nagar. A boy and a girl were brutally beaten by thugs they went through. I stopped my car and tried to help them in that chaos that damaged my car and also hurt me. MumbaiPolice #ShivSena, the seriously injured child, was admitted to the nearby hospital.

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Not just this, but Pritam also went live on Twitter to share all the details of the incident. The RJ shared it happened on International Women’s Day, four o’clock in the morning and how women are not safe in this country.

He said that three people abused a girl and a boy, and that he was going through the place with his wife and saw him. The boy tried to fight but the thugs misbehaved with the girl and harassed her. They hit the boy with a brick in the head. I tried to fight for an hour to save them. My wife had a panic attack After seeing all that. That girl was miserable and was asking for help. Later, ten people gathered there and began beating that poor child.

He also said that the reason behind the fight was that the girl and the boy were drinking coffee nearby. One of those three children commented on the girl, the boy resisted and so the fight began. He also said that during the time the terrible incident occurred, the police did not come even after calling them several times.