Rang Barse is an iconic Holi song: Papon

From touching songs like Moh Moh Ke Dhaage to Jiyein Kyun and Kaun Mera, Assam that singer Papon has created a niche for himself in the world of Hindi film music. On his recent trip to Lucknow, the singer spoke about his deep connection with the city and some of his best memories of the festival of colours, Holi .n Having a special connection with the city, Papon shared, “Not many people know this but my wife is from Lucknow. So this city holds a very special place in my heart. Normally, we’re so busy travelling that you don’t get to spend much time with family, but whenever I come here, it’s wonderful. Earlier when I was not so popular we would go to Hazratganj to buy some chikan or go to interior places like Aminabad, now it’s tough.” When asked about some of his favourite food in the city, Papon was perplexed, “That’s a difficult question!” After a long pause the singer answered, “I’d say probably the chaat, Tundey kebabs and of course mummy ke haath ka khaana. She’s makes nice food. She’s a very good cook.”

 Papon  (BCCL/ Aditya Yadav) Papon (BCCL/Aditya Yadav)

The Jiyein Kyun singer who hails from Assam has grown up celebrating Holi with his family in Guwahati, listening to various types of holi songs there. Interestingly, Papon also made an album on traditional Holi songs in Assam ese. “Holi back at home is so interesting. They make local colors, play with mud and all. So, Holi is very close to me. Rang Barse is one iconic Holi song in Hindi that I really enjoy, ”he stated.

According to him, being close to family and celebrating festivals with loved ones is something he holds very dear. I said, “On Holi, my dad would put some perfume drops, mix it with color, so when you put it, people would smell so nice. Then he would get some jalebis and all. Also, we would make clay pits and put people in those. Those are some of my most precious memories. This Holi also I'll be with my family in Assam. ”

Coming back to music, we asked the singer why not all participants of music reality shows become big names in the industry. To which Papon said, “I have never really competed in a singing competition. So I’m not from that school actually where you go for competitions and then become a name. When you come to a singing show, it’s definitely entertaining, you see lots of people watching that. Having said that, it’s a great platform for people, but it’s only a platform at the end of the day. I tell so many kids that if you come here, come for the experience and exposure. But this is not a place which will get you where you want to be eventually.” He adds, “You have to work on it later, you have to train much more. A music show is just a dot on your journey of music, it can’t be a step to stardom. Not a lot of people winning in reality shows become big names as you already know. Also, I feel the voices of the people coming to these reality shows gets too exposed, it’s to an extent where it loses its freshness. That’s why I ask kids to take the goods from these shows, go back, then get into training and be patient.” — Yashi Agarwal