Sujay Dahake's statement raises debate about preferentialism in the Marathi industry

A statement from the principal Sujay Dahake He has been making rounds and provoking reactions from the Marathi industry. In an interaction with an online portal, Dahake claimed preferential treatment towards a particular caste in the industry, saying that most of the leading actresses on Marathi TV are Brahmins. He even cited examples of popular daily soaps to prove his point. The statement of the director of Kesari has provoked strong reactions, some support his observations but most oppose them. Sauraabh Gokhaale , who was among those who strongly opposed Dahake's opinions, published a publication in Facebook saying that such statements are insulting to actors who have succeeded based on their talent.

Actor Shashank Ketkar, who also opposed Dahake's views, published a list of actresses who do not belong to that community that director He has signed up and is playing tracks on television series.

While actress Tejashri Pradhan had also published a publication saying that people get work in the industry based on talent and not caste, the actress later eliminated it.

However, Dahake's statements have resonated in many viewers. A user who commented on Gokhaale's publication said that the problem was not to prove one's talent but to obtain opportunities.

When we got in touch with Dahake, the director told us that whatever he had to say, he already had and there was nothing else to add to it. “I will only say that my statement was not about caste discrimination,” he shared.nOn his part, Gokhaale added, “My reaction was spontaneous because the allegation is baseless. The Marathi industry works on basis of talent. If a person doesn’t deliver well, irrespective of caste or religion, he/she will not get work. I personally have appreciated Sujay’s work and will continue to. But such statements hamper the perception of the industry. ”

In similar lines, Meghraj Rajebhosale , president of Akhil Bharatiya Marathi Chitrapat Mahamandal, said: “The Marathi industry is rich in content and talent, not by artists from a particular community. There are many examples to prove this.

In an interaction with the press recently, veteran actor Vikram Gokhale was also asked for his opinion on Dahake's statement. While he said he was not aware of the statement and was hearing about it at that time, the actor said that Casteism has prevailed in the Marathi industry and that there are some people responsible for it. Then he added that there was nothing that could be done. This is what we are, he said, while strongly condemning the practice.