MNS workers inaugurate the 'invisible' Patripul bridge to attack Shiv Sena for delay

KALYAN: Protesting against the delayed construction of the Patripul railway bridge, much needed in Kalyan, the workers protested against the administration on Sunday and ruled the Shiv Sena in a unique way by making the inauguration of 'adrishya' (invisible).

MNS workers used fire crackers, black balloons and posters for the inauguration program.

The former MNS MLA pointed to Shiv Sena saying that during last year's assembly elections, Sena leaders had claimed that the bridge will be ready for February, but still the work of the bridge is not complete and work is progressing to a very slow speed.

Vinod Kene, president of the student wing of the MNS party, who also organized the protest, said: In the absence of the bridge, people face problems. Students who take exams must leave two hours before the exam time.

Recently, BJP workers also protested against the delay of the Patripul bridge against Shiv Sena, after which the mayor of KDMC had given a new May deadline to complete the bridge.