Raj Ayyappa, villain of Atharva '100', to play Ajith's brother in 'Valimai'?

Ajith's Valimai 'is one of those issues that has been in constant trend in social networks every day. Filming of the film is underway, and following the recently revealed images of the filming locations, director H Vinoth has even been filming racing sequences for the film. In addition, the director has completed more than half of the filming and plans to move to Hyderabad and Kolkata for the remaining schedules. Now, the last report according to an online portal is that actor Raj Ayyappa , who played the antagonist in the '100' of Atharva, will play the role of Ajith 's brother in' Valimai '.

And this might be true as Raj Ayyapa has been spotted in some of the recent pictures with director H Vinoth on the sets of ' Valimai '. Rai is the son of actor Banu Prakash , who played a strong role in Ajith's debut film 'Amaravathi'. Earlier, during the release of Atharva's '100', Banu Prakash had revealed that Ajith had been keeping an eye out for his talented are since a few years. The ‘Valimai’ star had once even asked Banu Prakash to send a picture of his son. After seeing the photos of Raj Ayyappa, Ajith had immediately said that he had good looks and should definitely try becoming an actor.

'Valimai' is a cop drama which features Ajith in the lead role, and the film is produced by Boney Kapoor Bayview Projects LLP.