TikToker having fun to shoot at the floor of the Delhi ACP in Noida

NOIDA: Noida: A 30-year-old boy, with a passion for weapons and other deadly weapons, has been arrested for allegedly firing on the 17th floor of an ACP of the Delhi police in the Jaypee Kosmos society on Friday night.

Punit Sisodia, who works as a marketing manager in a private hospital in Noida and lives in the same society, told police he had fired six shots into the air from inside his black Scorpio just for fun and that he had no intention of attack anyone. . On Saturday morning, police stopped Punit's SUV at a checkpoint near the Panchsheel underpass and arrested him after a sustained interrogation.

Jaypee's apartment, in which two of the shots were fired around 12.40 on Friday morning, is owned by Mayank Bansal, the ACP Vivek Vihar of the Delhi Police. Although the police officer stays in Delhi, his elderly parents live in the department of Noida. They had just left the room when the bullets riddled the window panes and got stuck in the ceiling. Kosmos guards had seen a black Scorpio parked near the main gate, which leads to tower 18, where the elderly couple is staying.

Akhilesh Kumar, additional police commissioner (law and order), said they had received a call from Bansal's wife, informing them of the dismissal. “A police team arrived at the scene immediately after receiving the call and a primary investigation was conducted. Society guards and some eyewitnesses told us about a black Scorpio that was stationed outside of society during the shooting, ”said Kumar. Based on a complaint from the ACP family, an FIR was registered against unknown persons under sections 307 (attempted murder) and 427 (mischief) of the Indian Criminal Code.

On Friday morning, the police scanned CCTV images of the housing society, but obtained no substantial evidence. “However, we had some tickets in the black Scorpio. We follow the car and track the defendant. On Saturday morning, we stopped the car near the Panchsheel underpass. The defendant was in the car and was carrying a licensed revolver, ”said Kumar.

Police said Punit had repeatedly told his interrogators that he had fired into the air to test his revolver and that he did not intend to shoot anyone. “The young man told us that he was returning from a friend's house and fired from inside his car to test his weapon. He said it was just for fun and that the bullets shattered the window of the police department by mistake, the ACP added.

The police have recovered the revolver with Punit license along with 106 live bullets. The 30-year-old man has been reserved in a separate case from the Weapons Act and his gun license canceled.

The additional deputy commissioner of the police, Ranjvijay Singh, said the defendant is an avid TikToker and has some videos on his phone where he can be seen wielding a gun.

“He claimed to have a passion for weapons and other deadly weapons. He said he had no information on who was inside the department. Your phone has some videos where you can see it showing a revolver. Our investigation has revealed that it was not an intentional shot. The bullets were fired in the air and two of them hit the flat window, ”said Singh.

Punit was arrested in judicial custody after being presented in a Noida court on Saturday.