International Women's Day 2020: Sambhavna Seth asks the government to analyze women's safety first

In India, where people worship Goddess Durga, there is a surprisingly growing number of violent acts against women that have emerged. After globalization, although women have the opportunity and opportunities to remain on an equal footing in all sectors together with men, there are still times when they are treated with prejudices. Change in society is a good sign. However, this is not enough. When ETimes met a popular actress Sambhavna Seth , agreed with the point and shared his thoughts on the safety of women.

Sambhavna said: The safety of women is always the most important everywhere. When a woman is harassed, society has only one topic to discuss, but only the victim knows how she feels after being raped or something bad that was done to her. A victim goes through severe mental trauma and only the person who suffers will know how he feels and no one else.

By asking the government to focus on this fact, the actress added: So, I want to ask the government to first take care of women's safety because a country develops only when its women are safe.

On the professional front, Sambhavna rose to fame after appearing in the hit Bollywood article number 'Aashiqui Mein Teri', a publication in which Bhojpuri entered the industry and delivered several hit songs. He has also appeared in several popular Indian reality television programs.