Mainland China reports 44 new cases of coronavirus as the spread continues to decline in the epicenter

SHANGHAI/BEIJING: The new COVID-19 confirmed Chinese case count was reduced by approximately half, according to official data, as the disease continues to decline in its home country.

He (NHC) reported on Sunday 44 new confirmed cases of coronavirus COVID-19 at the end of March 7, a decrease of 99 the previous day.

The fall occurs when Chinese cities gradually relax the quarantine measures implemented more than a month ago, while closely monitoring the spread of the virus abroad.

Of the 44 new confirmed cases, 41 were discovered in Wuhan, the origin of the virus outbreak and its seedbed.

The remaining three were cases imported from outside mainland China.

This marks the second consecutive day that all recently confirmed cases from China outside the city of Wuhan originated abroad.

The new cases raised the total number of confirmed cases in China to 80,695 at the end of March 7. Authorities reported 27 new deaths on March 7, compared with 28 deaths on March 6.

All new deaths occurred in the epicenter of the outbreak. The total number of deaths reached 3,097.

Of the three cases outside of Wuhan, two were discovered in Beijing and one was discovered in.

According to the Beijing Municipal Health Commission, the two cases found in Beijing originated in Italy and Spain.

The three new imported cases bring the total number of imported cases from China to 63.