Peppy, not a preacher and great: Bollywood hymns for strong, successful women

Whether an event dedicated to woman empowerment or a woman sports team winning laurels, there are some Bollywood songs They remain a constant in these celebrations. Since ' Dhaakad ' to 'Badal Pe Paon Hain', these songs have become ‘ woman anthems’. On International Women’s Day, the creators of these tracks tell us that they aren’t surprised by the fact that these songs emerged as “forever favourites” of people across age groups, irrespective of their gender. One reason for their popularity, they say, is that these tracks aren’t preachy – instead, they are cool, peppy and relatable.

Patakha Guddi, 'Highway'

A favorite among young people.

'Highway' Patakha Guddi remains a favourite with the young audience. Sung by Nooran Sisters, the song is a hit even at fashion events and is one of the most played songs at Sufi nights across restaurants. In an interview, the two sisters said that out of all the songs they have sung, Patakha Guddi It will always be your favorite.


Dhaakad , 'Dangal'

'It is about woman who don’t have to prove to anyone that they are equal’

Raftaar says that out of all the songs that he has sung, Dhaakad He is the one he is most proud of being associated with. He says it's the kind of song he always wanted to do. What it does Dhaakad especial es que no trata de dar un mensaje & simplemente habla de cada woman que es exitosa a su manera. Raftaar nos dice: Siempre escuchamos lo que uno debe o no debe hacer, pero nunca he seguido ningún reglamento. La mejor parte de Dhaakad is that it doesn’t preach, and it boosts the morale of anyone who hears it. The song is about woman who don’t have to prove to anyone that they are equal. It feels good to see that Dhaakad It became the song that makes all women proud.

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Salaam India ' Mary Kom 'and Baadal Pe Paon Hain, 'Chak De! India'

The music reflects the spirit of these young women who were working hard to make their dreams come true

A film that gave a new definition to woman empowerment, 'Chak De! India' had not just one, but two amazing songs – Ba Pa Pedal Hain & Ek Hockey Doongi Rakh Ke . Salim-Sulaiman, who composed the songs , say that it was challenging to compose tracks for woman who were not stars or popular faces, but strong characters who represented girls from every walk of life. “The filmmaker wanted a rock and roll song and we didn’t have any reference to create it. We wanted the music to reflect the spirit of these young girls who were working hard to realise their dreams. I think what made Ba Pa Pedal popular was that it had hope, it signifies the journey of these girls – they come from small towns and villages and get a chance to fly for the first time. The song had a message that resonated with every girl,” says Salim, adding that his other all-time favourite ‘ woman anthem’ is Salaam India from Mary Kom. It's my favorite because I find it very inspiring, he adds.


Aali Re: ' No one killed Jessica '

La vitalidad & las letras geniales de Aali Re lo convierten en un éxito entre el público joven

Muh tod of ’, ‘ Halkat ’, ‘ muhfat ’- was the lyrics of Aali Re eso impresionó a Sonu Kakkar cuando le ofrecieron la canción. “Lo que hace que esta canción sea popular es su espíritu & energía. Cuando Amit Trivedi approached me with this song, I was impressed with its peppy lyrics, as it says a lot about the woman of today. It has an attitude. I was told that since this song is about strong, modern woman , sing it with full josh . That's what he did Aali Re special. They reminded me repeatedly k i khul ke gaao . The song resonates with woman of all age groups because it has a cool vibe. I think it was one of my best works because I enjoyed singing it,” she shares.