'Community agenda does not promote any government movement: Rajnath Singh

NEW DELHI: No Indian citizen, whether a follower of Islam or any other religion, will be affected by the amended law (AAC), said the Minister of Defense Rajnath Singh on Saturday, stressing that PM Narendra Modi and his government would never make any decision based on a community agenda.

Noting that he knew Modi better than anyone in the cabinet, Singh said he had personally seen that the prime minister was very distressed at the unfounded and unfounded accusations thrown at him during the current CAA controversy. Be the intention (behind the promulgation of the CAA) ... No one will touch the citizens of India, including minorities, he said, speaking at the ET-GBS here.

India believes in 'the world is our family. India can never discriminate on the grounds of caste, creed or religion. I am of the belief that it is a crime to discriminate on the basis of religion, he said, trying to calm the fears of Muslims about the new law.

Noting that the citizenship bill (amendment) had been drafted when he was Minister of the Interior in 2016, Singh said the law was intended for those who were being religiously persecuted in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. There is a need to eliminate confusion among minorities in India, he said.

Some people have claimed that it would have been better if only the word minority had been used in the law, instead of specifying the Hindu, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist and Zoroastrian communities that faced harassment in all three countries. “But if the country in question had changed the definition of minority, we would not have been able to grant them citizenship here, even if they were being religiously persecuted. That's why we don't use the word minority, he said.