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Do you want the last buzz in the front of gossip? A glimpse into the lives of the rich and famous? A wind of Chennai's best kept secrets? Writer, activist, presenter and queen bee Apsara Reddy It fills you up ...

Fresh look?

Industry sources say a hero who vehemently backed Kajal Aggarwal has now thrown his weight behind another cool hero. He has recommended it to two Telugu and one Tamil producers. The girl in question is a former beauty queen, who is not as fresh as many think she is.

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Vetri and the virus

Why did Vetri Maaran put his travel plans on hold? Due to the scare of the coronavirus, he has chosen to spend time to catch up with family and friends here. It seems that your mini pet sanctuary at home is full of energy with the extra time you spend with your pets. His staff also reveals that he has used this time to plan some innovative projects in advance.

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Abi keeps the options open

Abhirami Iyer is a lucky girl. The actress and reality show contestant of Nerkonda Paarvai has been contacted by a National Award-winning director to play the protagonist in front of a Bollywood fan. The girl, however, is in no hurry to take all the offers, and is weighing her options. It seems that there is also a renewed stir in the market as future boyfriends are sending news to their parents through married couples!

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Dinner Discussions

The main sources of K-Town reveal that at a party organized by an 80's actor for close friends, the main topic of discussion was Kamal and Rajini joining in politics. The dinner, which was attended by only six people, became a fairly robust round table. The host felt very uncomfortable with the way one of them began attacking one of the stars for never doing anything for the poor or the disadvantaged in the industry. Seen for the last time, the host has decided to join the political party of Kamal Haasan. Maybe after being influenced by the conversation!

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So much for the label!

Among the many hats that Sugandha Mittal wears, she takes her role as a lifestyle coach quite seriously. The lady, who is a great mover and agitator on the social scene, receives calls from people of high society and big fish to advise them when they travel internationally. His own close friend, who has brought out his knowledge, is encouraging plans to start his own completion school. And he has contacted people on Facebook to join his one-on-one training! Who needs enemies when you have friends like these, huh? N ( The opinions expressed above are those of the author. )

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