As the coronavirus spreads, there is an increase in pirate downloads of Steven Soderbergh's Contagion movie

As the coronavirus COVID-19 continues to spread worldwide, Steven Soderbergh 2011 film awarded with the Academy Award ‘ Contagion ’It has suddenly become the center of attention. According to reports, the film, which deals with a similar outbreak, is illegally downloading on the Internet at a growing rate.nThe thriller, starring Gwyneth Paltrow , Matt Damon & Jewish law is reportedly about a mysterious disease that kills 26 million people worldwide. Fear of the latest coronavirus outbreak has prompted fans to take a relook at the movie.

‘ Contagion ’ screenwriter Scott Z Burns told a news portal that the hysteria surrounding the virus is the reason for the renewed interest in the film. He also added that the similarities between ‘ Contagion ’ & the coronavirus are immaterial, accidental, & really not that important. What is more important & accurate is the societal response & the spread of fear & the knock-on effects of that. According to him, that is proving to be accurate.

The virus in the Soderbergh film, called MEV-1, started in Asia & is easily transmitted through touch. The first symptom is a hacking cough. ‘ Contagion ’ also shows diligent scientists who ultimately save the day.

The real-life virus gripping the world has emanated from a city called Wuhan. Conspiracy theorists describe the outbreak as a “perfect” biological weapon. Apart from films, there have also been various books where the authors have employed the use of viruses – real & imaginative- in their books.