Jared Letto shaves with death during the climbing session

Hollywood actor Jared Letto shared an incident in Twitter about a shave rushed with death.

The star of 'Suicide Squad' almost died during a rock mountaineering session with professional climber Alex Hannod , according to reports.

The 48-year-old tweeted a picture of himself hanging 600 feet up on a mountain wall along with another image of his mountaineering rope that nearly snapped after getting cut by a rock.

The caption of the bone-chilling snapshots read: "Not to sound dramatic, but this is the day I nearly died. Took a pretty good fall mountaineering with @AlexHonnold at Red Rock. Looked up and within seconds the rope was being cut by the rock while I dangled some 600 ft in the air. I remember looking down at the ground below."

According to reports, the actor He also shared a small clip of himself going crazy and cursing while tightening the damaged cable.