RSS supports Prime Minister Modi in the comment of 'Sanyog nahi prayog', alleges that PFI and AISA are behind the anti-CAA riots

NEW DELHI: Credit support to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi The statement that the protests against the Citizens Amendment Act (AAC) were not a sanyog (opportunity) but a prayer (an experiment) to destroy the harmony of the country, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) also feels that protests against protests are not a spontaneous outbreak but a designed step.

Speaking to ANI, one of the main officials of the ideological father of the BJP alleged that the protests and violence against the CAA were a concerted conspiracy of the Popular Front of India (PFI) and the Association of Students of All India (AISA).

PFI and AISA are two organizations that we believe are behind the protests and anti-CAA violence. Due to the policy of the voting banks, they have given up the space to these organizations that have their front organizations that are trying to destabilize the country, explained the RSS leader when he asked about protests like Bagh.

The main leader also reported that the RSS will restart the public awareness program among the population across the country. The Sangh had also carried out a similar program to evaluate the Muslim population and eliminate their doubts.

The RSS also told the most important members of the Muslim community that they should play a proactive role in conveying the message that the CAA was not against the citizens of the country. A similar scope was made after the Ramjanmabhoomi verdict. This time we will also carry out similar programs with the leaders of the Muslim community, he said.

The senior official also noted that the PFI and AISA were able to take over and lead the protests since the main opposition party, Congress, had refused to please social groups and their voting banks.