Gujarat: Drones sought to contain the threat of mosquitoes in Rajkot

RAJKOT: The buzzing of mosquitoes is giving sleepless nights to the commercial capital.

Just over fifteen days after the mosquito threat triggered clashes between the market traders of the Rajkot market and the police, huge swarms of mosquitoes have literally besieged the city.

The problem has assumed such serious proportions that the (RMC) has been forced to take the help of a drone to control pests. The civic body has already ordered 60 fogging machines and immediately launched a tender to buy drones to spray chemicals to kill mosquitoes.

Ironically, the sudden surge of mosquitoes in the city is attributed to the cleaning of water weeds from the Aji riverbed, which was the main cause of the threat in the market yard and the resulting violence. Wastewater from all over the city accumulated in the Aji riverbed behind the market courtyard, turning it into a mosquito breeding ground. After the violent agitation of the merchants and the closure of the market patio for almost a week, the administration was forced to clean the weeds of water that had grown in a section of 2.5 to 3 km due to sewage. The cleaning was done following the instructions of the prime minister's office. To this end, a special weed removal machine from Surat was brought.

RMC experts and officials said this has resulted in the spread of mosquitoes within the city.

The municipal commissioner Udit Agrawal said: “Mosquitoes can fly up to four km. We believe that the reason for the serious threat is the removal of water grass in the Bedi area.

“We have implemented 60 fogging machines and we have started the process to acquire a weeding machine. We have also presented the tender to acquire a drone to spray chemicals from the air in some areas, ”Agrawal added.

According to RMC officials, the chemicals prescribed by the ministry of health and that are not harmful to humans will be sprayed from the air.