As coronary anxiety spreads, hands say goodbye, hello elbows

NEW DELHI: On Thursday, Barack Obama tweeted that people should remain calm, listen to experts and follow science. But in reality, people are doing the opposite. Since the first new case in India was officially declared, anxiety is spreading faster than the cunning pathogen that has so far infected 90,000 people worldwide. And he is making the Indians do strange things.

People can be seen pressing the elevator buttons with the knuckles, opening and closing doors with a clumsy, often clumsy, elbow, foot and butt interaction, and even canceling the taxis if the driver has a number of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana because Gurugram and Noida have reported that they are positive. cases. A Delhi executive confessed that he tried to close the cabin door with a hands-free approach until the driver objected and said the door would not close properly with his elbows.

I have completely stopped touching any surface that someone else could have touched and used my elbow to open doors or turn on my office lights, said Lata Sharma, who works for a private company in Nehru Place.

Parents are expected to lead paranoia. If possible, they would wrap their children in bubble wrap and send them to school with an oxygen tank. The next best option is to send them with masks or not send them at all. Some schools have even asked children to come with masks. The new mother, Avisha Tripathi, says she is determined to keep her son away from extra-loving family members. “As my son is the first child in our family, everyone touches him and bathes him with kisses. I am very afraid and I am not allowing anyone to come near, ”he added.

Household personnel say they are being sprayed with disinfectant before entering. Some have been asked to leave the car and the bus and go shopping to buy the house in the family car. An aid in Ghaziabad complained that her employer had stopped eating eggs for breakfast and she ended up doing more time, such as parathas, puri, poha, etc.

If shortness of breath is a symptom of the virus, holding your breath is a symptom of crown anxiety. It is the best defense against dirty drops if you do not have a mask and you are in a crowded place, such as inside the Delhi metro. Daily travelers report that a sneeze or a cough of a passenger immediately empties the space around them. Actually, it can be an effective tactic to get a seat.

If the subway is less crowded, so are the gyms. The owner of a gym in Mukherjee Nagar, in northern Delhi, Khalid, says the business has been affected. “Since the last two or three days, there are almost no people in the gym. In addition, there are no new subscribers, ”he said.

Dr. Sandeep Budhiraja of Max Hospitals Delhi says that people are bombarding him with questions ... Should we go to the mall, travel on the subway? Should we wear masks? People rush to the hospital with a seasonal and cold cough asking for a crown toh nahi ho gaya, Budhiraja said, adding that we should only follow official warnings and be sensitive.