Thermal and a quarter to address the chaos in today's time on the new album

City-based rock band Thermal and a quarter He's busy preparing for the release of his eighth album, A crazy world . The release is significant, considering that it has been almost five years since its last album. Talking about the mood of the album, lead singer Bruce Lee Mani He says it is a reflection of the current scenario worldwide. The title of the album It explains itself. This time, our goal is to be more direct than usual and address the different things, events happening all around the world. The state of chaos surrounding us is what triggered our creativity with songs this time. For this album , we started writing songs, about two years ago. As artistes who have the medium of music to express and discuss our opinions and reactions to various events , situations and topics, you can safely bet that this time, we have gone all out and not held back. It is a very different take for our band, this time,” he explains. The album will feature songs that are based on the band’s perspective and from their own, personal experiences. “The title track, A crazy world , is an exploration of today’s scenario, addressing the state of chaos we are in. Believe It All is completely based on people’s perspectives on information, both real and fake. This song is a thought experiment. Distance is another track that is about an individual’s perspectives, things that we view from different lengths and it ends on a deeper note on how distance is just a barrier to all things human. NFA, which stands for Neoliberal Fascism Autarky, is our current affairs commentary, our take on the kind of authoritarianism we are witnessing in governments around the world today. Koston Circle is a more positive track than the rest, as it is about our families and how we vouch for their safety first in times of unrest, the bonds we share with each family member and how they keep our sanity intact,” adds Bruce.

Have you ever had doubts about expressing yourself so strongly this time? We are using our platform, our influence and our voice to initiate a dialogue about what is wrong in the world. A rookie would probably have inhibitions at first, but if he has been in the industry for as long as we are, then he does not take into account the repercussions of addressing a sensitive issue. It's not that we're not afraid, it's not that we weren't afraid of what would happen to our careers or business, but the stage we are in now, I think it's right not to remain silent anymore, Bruce signs out.