CID website 'pirated', message 'warning' Modi govt appears

MUMBAI: The police CID website was apparently hacked on Friday with a message warning the Indian police and the Modi government against hurting Muslims.

However, the head of the State Criminal Investigation Department, Atulchandra Kulkarni, said it was not a piracy, but part of a trial and trial of the restored website to verify its security features.

Our data is safe, secure and there is no doubt that the website data is compromised, said the Additional General Director of.

The pirated web page shown in bold words Government against the image of a man riding a horse and holding a flag.

The following message referred to the recent riots in Delhi and claimed that the majority of its victims were Muslim.

We warn the Indian police and the Modi Government to stop hurting the people of Muslims ... Imam Mahdi will come soon, he added.