Trump does not give up power if he loses a little: Pelosi

WASHINGTON: Speaker Nancy Pelosi President Doesn't Believe Donald Trump Can Be Removed By Deposition - The Only Way To Do It, She Said This Week, Is To Beat Him In 2020 With A Margin So Big He Can't Contest The Legitimacy Of A Democratic Victory.

We Need To Inoculate Against It, We Need To Be Prepared For It, Pelosi Said During An Interview On Wednesday While Expressing Her Concerns That Trump Would Voluntarily Give Up Power If He Lose Re-Election With A Small Margin Next Year

Pelosi - The De Facto Head Of Until A Presidential Nomination Was Elected In 2020 - Offered The Democrats Her" Cold-Blooded" Plan To Free Yourself From Trump: Don't Get Into A Long-Term Rejection Bid That Will Be Crashed In The Republican Controlled Senate, And Don't Run The Risk Of Alienating Moderate Voters Who Flew To The Party In 2018 By Driving Too Far To The Left. Owns The Center Left, Owns The Main Stream Pelosi, 79, Said.

Almost Five Months Into Her Second Speech, Pelosi Seems To Embrace Her Role As The Only Democrat Who Has The Power To Resist Trump. Although She Feels Comfortable In The Fight With Him, Her Discomfort About The President's Behavior Has Only Increased Since The Democrats ' Triumphal Election.

Few People Outside Pelosi ' The Inner Circle Was Aware Of How Concerned She Was That Trump Would Try To Prevent The Opposition Party From Taking Control Of The House Unless The Democrats ' Victory Was Empressively Enough To Be Indisputable. If We Win With Four Seats, Each With A Thousand Votes, He Will Not Respect The Elections, Pelosi Said, Recalling Her Thinking In The Run-up To The.

He Would Poison Public Opinion. He Would Challenge Each Of The Races; He Would Say You Can Post These People, She Added.

Over The Past Weeks, Pelosi Has Told Her Staff That She Does Not Automatically Trust The President To Respect The Results Of An Election, Apart From An Overwhelming Defeat. That View, Fed By Trump ' Repeated And Unfounded Claims Of Democratic Voter Fraud, One Of The Reasons Why She Says It Is Absolutely Necessary To Not Play In The Hands Of The President, Especially In Extortion