Bigg Boss Malayalam 2: Arya receives criticism for challenging Bigg Boss in his fight with Sujo; This is what Internet users have to say

The current season of big boss He has witnessed many unexpected events in the show. Adding to the list, contestant Aria has challenged big boss during one of the tasks.

In the court task, Aria complained against Sujo that he has given an invalid reason to nominate her to jail in the previous week. She added that Sujo's claims that she dragged his feet during the mining task are untrue. During the trial, Sujo argued that Aria has attacked him but the latter defended saying she has only grabbed him by his t-shirt. Further, Aria explained that after the task, Sujo had admitted to lying during the nomination. But, Sujo rubbished Aria 's allegation about the private conversation.

Later, Aria stated that she is ready to give away the game point to Sujo but she will take discuss this in the weekend episode. She also challenged big boss to show the video which proves that both her arguments are true. Aria reiterated that she hasn't grabbed Sujo's leg during the task.

However, soon after the episode went viral, netizens are seen digging on Aria 's argument. Apparently, in the snippet videos shared by a section of netizens from the particular episode (mining task), Aria is seen grabbing Sujo by his feet.