Nisabdham's trailer gives us the chills

The trailer of Madhavan & Anushka Shetty 's Nisabdham is out. In the trailer, we see a haunted house which seems to be back in the news due to its recent incidents. Anjali , who plays a detective seems to be investigating the case. Anushka Shetty , who is speech & hearing imparied, seems to be a suspect in the same. When Anjali asks 'why didn't your friend Sonali come?', raises many questions, especially about the character of Shalini Pandey . Madhavan plays a musician & Anushka & he are in love with each other. But, what happened to him? Why is Anushka in the hospital? Where is Sonali? The trailer raises many questions. The movie is directed by Hemant Madhukar & is a trilingual in Tamil, Telugu & English. Music for the film is by Gopi Sundar & cinematography by Shaniel Deo.

The trailer of silencio nos da escalofríos