45% of Indian women and 37% of Indian men are 'physically inactive' says a recent report

Ideas about the 'levels of physical activity of the Indians', compiled by the largest health and fitness application in India, reveal that 45% of Indian women and 37% of Indian men were 'inactive' in 2019, burning less than 50% of your calorie burning budget in one day. Interestingly, 42% of men were active, burning more than 80% of their calorie burning budget, while 21% were slightly active, burning between 50% and 80% of their calorie burning budget. When it comes to women, only 33% were active and 22% slightly active.

The calorie budget is the amount of calories a person must burn through physical activity, daily. The average calorie burn budget of Indian men is 476 calories per day compared to 374 calories per day for women, of which men burn 89% (424) while women burn only 76% ( 284). Surprisingly, when it comes to age groups, those between 20 and 30 are more inactive (41%) than those of 30 (38%) and 40 (37%). Activity levels declined even more among 50-year-olds, with 48% of people who remained inactive.

Data show that, on average, Indian women burned a markedly lower amount of calories than their male counterparts, and men burned about 33% more calories than women on average in 2019. Even when comparing the steps, the Men took 5009 steps per day compared to women who took 3720 steps on average per day in 2019.

Bangalore has taken pole position as the fittest city with more than 310 calories/day, closely followed by Ghaziabad that burned 304 calories/day. The 5 most suitable cities, including Bangalore, Ghaziabad, Pune, Mumbai and Dehradun, burned 302 calories per day on average. Kolkata, on the other hand, is at the bottom of the list, since it burned only 267 calories/day.

Level 1 cities were more active than Level 2 cities in 2019, having burned 293 calories in one day compared to 283 calories/day in Level 2. The average number of steps taken by people in Level 1 cities per day was 4493 compared to 4310 by people in Tier 2 cities.

When it comes to the number of steps taken per day, this time the North Indians outpaced the South Indians by taking 4431 steps on an average day, which is slightly higher than the 4366 steps taken by the South Indians in average.