Bengali television programs will broadcast special episodes of Holi

The festival of colors is just around the corner and the festive spirit is high. One can see the roadside stalls that sell Abir (Gulal) and different types of pichkari. Bengali television is also preparing with some special episodes about Holi. Both fiction and non-fiction programs have planned their special episodes of Holi. Most programs have already filmed their special episodes.

In the game show organized by Rachana Banerjee ‘ Didi No. 1 , Popular actresses will be seen enjoying Holi.

In the popular daily soap ‘ Alo Chhaya ’, The protagonist Alo will celebrate her first Holi with Akash and her family after marriage. Akash, who never leaves a stone unturned to annoy Alo, has planned something to embarrass her.

In the family drama Anyo Jashoda, Oishee plans to celebrate Holi with her family. His happiness has no limits when he meets Titir, who agrees to be a surrogate mother. The story will take a new turn with this next turn.

Rajesh Sharma The Bengal Crime-based crime program will also convey some interesting cases. He will present a crime-based story in which an innocent girl is raped by criminals on Holi's day. The victim finds it difficult to recognize the culprits since their faces were covered in color.