Kajol: Give me three scenes, I can create a magic.

She ruled hearts with her famous roles in ' Baazigar ',' Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge ',' Kuch Kuch Hota Hai ', ' Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham ... ',' My name is Khan 'among several others. From being the Bollywood hero who broke all image stereotypes to become a superstar. She said she is at a point in her career where the character's impact is more important than the duration of the role.

In a three-decade career in Bollywood, she has proven to be an actress and a star over and over again. What are you looking for now in a script? 'The magic,' she replied. Give me three scenes and I can create magic. I don't need a leading role where all I have is the title, a poster and, in the whole movie, I'm a piece of furniture. If you look at my career and choice of roles, I have always done something where the character has an emotional graph, something substantial. I want to create a memory in the audience's mind through the characters I represent. That is precisely the reason why I keep saying that I like the script. If the character they offer me is not affecting me, how will it affect the audience? So, if you think I am selective, I would say that I am living the life of an artist that I have gained through years of hard work. Kajol he added, while talking to the media agency.

Starting his career in 1992 with ' Bekhudi ', Kajol has bagged numerous popular awards and also proved her versatility with a variety of roles. She was equally impressive as the murdered Isha Diwan in the whodunit 'Gupt' and the tomboy-turned-glam girl in 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai'. She excelled as the mother who lost her only child in religious hatred in 'My Name Is Khan', and she exuded effortless ease playing twin siblings of diametrically opposite nature in 'Dushman'. Indeed, there is hardly any experimentation that she is scared to try out.

Did success give you confidence to do it? Success surely gives you confidence, and financial independence also gives you the courage to live life on your own terms. But I must mention that my idea of ​​success is not just about gaining fame and money. I know people who are successful by the definition of society, but they are becoming people who suffocate in their own image. For me, I have to become the person I like first. After a moment, fame and money become inconsequential, the actress replied.

He added: I feel that I am successful not because of fame and money, but because of the person I have become. The family I have, my children, my husband, my choice of movies is a combination of everything for me.

Asked about if her criteria of choosing a film have changed, Kajol replied: My choices of films are the reflection of what I believe in. That is how I can be honest with my choices as a performing artist. I know there are some mitigating circumstances under which one has to do a film. Having said that, I am practicing my choice because I am not working just to earn money. I rather earned this luxury through my body of work in the nineties. freedom that many artists do not have, so I might as well utilize it to be a part of narratives that are thought-provoking.