Women's band shares their Women's Day message

The group of 10 Mahadalit women who work for their own band is ready to celebrate Women's Day with great pride and enthusiasm. Some of them have shared their messages with all the women in our society.

39 years old Sabita Devi , who leads the group, said: I am very proud to be a woman and the way I am living my life. When I joined the band, things were not very easy. I had to face many challenges. The people of my town criticized me. To me husband did not like my work. However, I did not lose hope and now things are much better. Our villagers are proud of us and so is my husband . Therefore, women must not lost hope easily and they should fight for their own rights. This will make them more confident and independent.”

by Anita Devi , another member of the band, said, "Women’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate her woman hood. She said, “Every woman has the power to change the society. If a lady can create a life, she can do anything. With this thinking, I joined the band and now we are recognised nationally. On this occasion I have a message for all the females that they must empower themselves so that they may not have to depend on anyone.”

Sharing similar views, Lalti Devi, said, "My message for every woman is that all of us must respect ourselves for who we are. We must not compromise unnecessarily for the sake of society."