Akshay Kumar adds pole dance to her regular exercise routine

Akshay Kumar He is known for his fondness for fitness and for finding new ways to stay healthy and agile. The actor's social media page has images of the type of workouts he has chosen in the recent past. You could find him enjoying a game of beach volleyball on Sunday mornings or pedaling and swimming when he is on vacation. Akshay, throughout his career, has never stuck to any exercise or training regimen. Instead, try to make your workouts as varied as possible by combining kick-boxing, yoga and martial arts with your usual routine.

While speaking with BT recently, the actor revealed that he had introduced a new activity in his training regimen. He said: I am learning pole dance. Recently I started taking classes and I'm really enjoying it. Everything requires a set of skills. Pole dance is not easy. Interestingly, in 2011, the actor was seen doing pole dance, briefly, for the song Subah Hone Na De ( Desi Boyz ) He adds: There is a technique that is used to perfect it. I am not doing this for a movie; It's something I haven't learned before, so I wanted to try it.