Director Hansal Mehta bumps into a strange connection between the 2017 Astérix and Coronavirus comic

the coronavirus ha tenido al mundo al límite mientras the científicos luchan por encontrar una cura para el virus que se ha cobrado la vida de miles e infectado a muchos más. En medio de este mortal outbreak , many have taken to social media to share books, films, television shows and many such media that predicted the coronavirus long before it became a household name. Bollywood director Hansal Mehta He was the last to stumble upon such an interesting prediction.

On Twitter, he shared a photo of an Asterix comic and wrote: “What was the name of the Roman charioteer in Asterix and the car race? Interestingly, it was Coronavirus and also wore a mask.

the photo of the comic book featured a character in named “Coronavirus” wearing a gold mask. This issue was reportedly published three years before the deadly Wuhan outbreak . In the comic strip, Asterix and the Chariot Race, Coronavirus featured as a masked villain taking part in the race. In this one, however, he is a Roman entrant in the race, backed by Julius Caesar , que presiona a the organizadores para que lo ganen por el honor de Roma.

While there are tweets doing the rounds of a ‘ the Simpsons’ episode also predicting the spread of this virus, in reality, however, the word is said to have existed since the 1960s as a scientific term.

There are many kinds of coronavirus, such as the SARS virus that hit headlines in 2002-2003, or the current one known formally as COVID-19.