Chakra will deal with the e-commerce scam

In an interview with us, Vishal He had said that his next movie Chakra is thematically similar to Irumbu Thirai, although it is not a sequel.

The actor, who is also producing the movie, told us: While that movie talked about phone hacking, it will raise an important question: what would happen if we told you that your life is pirated? “The reason why the movie is called Chakra is because it is based on Ashoka Chakra. The hero is looking for the medal that belonged to his father. Now, we have learned that the movie, directed by Anandan , will deal with financial and commercial fraud online.

One source says: “The film will raise pertinent questions and raise awareness about the frauds that occur in the world of electronic commerce. The team has almost completed the filming of the film and is planning a release on May 1.

The source adds, “Anandan has assisted director Ezhil earlier. When he narrated the story to Vishal, the actor liked the story and was keen to produce it himself. I have told Anandan not to change anything in the script, including the characterizations. While he plays an army officer, Shraddha Srinath ACP plays Regina Cassandra also has an important role in the film.

Anandan had told us, “Vishal believes in the script and doesn’t believe in promoting the hero and downgrading the villain. I think both of them have to be equally strong if the face-off sequences have to come out well. ”

The team will film a song, composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja, from March 11, and will publish it, it is a conclusion for the film.