Coronavirus in Hyderabad: cautious technicians restart work, log in from home

HYDERABAD: One day after a suspicious case in Raheja Mindspace IT Park sent nervousness through the Hyderabad IT center, many technicians opted Thursday to be safe and preferred to work from home.

And it wasn't just Building 20 in Raheja Mindspace, which was suspected to be the Covid-19 Zero Zone in Hyderabad, which looked deserted, as it remained more or less empty. with only one company staff, OMICS, who shows up for work. Traffic in the choc-a-block computer corridor was also thinner than usual.

We learned that traffic in the IT corridor was almost like Sundays, said Telangana's chief IT secretary, Jayesh Ranjan, adding that with the suspicious case giving a negative result, it should be as usual. Ranjan said that despite the respite, the authorities are not lowering their guard and are constantly in touch with the IT companies to monitor the situation.

“We had a detailed meeting today with more than 100 human resources and company representatives. We have decided not to loosen the effort. We will continue to take the same precautions. Anyone who shows symptoms such as sneezing, cough and cold should not go to the office and create a scare.

The remaining eight companies in Building 20 had staff working at other shared facilities/facilities or at home, said a Raheja Mindspace official. The Building 20 also hosts players such as Facebook, Yash Technologies, Parexel and Realpage.

A DSM spokesman also confirmed that his office in Building 20 also remained closed Thursday with employees working from home. The company also has another installation on Brightspace that also remained closed.

A Cognizant spokesman said the company will resume operations in building 20 starting Friday. Cognizant has multiple facilities in the city that employ more than 35,000 employees and, with the exception of building 20, the rest of its offices were operational, a source said.

An official of an IT company housed in a building in front of Building 20 also confirmed that the morning fever in the IT park was much lower than usual, with around 30-40% of employees who chose to work from House.

HS Kumar, who works at an IT company in Hi-Tec City, said: We are looking forward to returning to our workplace since the environment is totally different compared to working from home. Although technology helps us connect virtually, teamwork helps to be more productive and problem solving becomes easier.

Not only were they IT companies, even the T-Hub start-up incubator asked their occupants to work from home and little assistance was observed in many IT companies in Hi-Tec City, as well as in the Gachibowli area .

However, for many it was as always. “We are running like any other normal day. Of course, there could be about 20 to 25% working from home, said Inga, Ranga Pothula, managing director (subcontinent of India) and SVP global delivery services.

In view of Coronavirus, IT companies have also been discouraging employees from making non-essential trips and have strictly followed disinfection protocols to keep the workplace safe.