Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah update March 5: Jethalal's problem is solved

In the last episode of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah , Jethalal leaves his house in a rush. He meets Iyer and Babita in the compound. Iyer begins to laugh at him, and that's when the Babita tells Jethalal he hasn't tied his shirt buttons properly. Jethalal gets embarrassed.

Jethalal then tells them the trouble he is caught in. He shares how he got a phone call from Piyush Pichkari and informed him that Bagha and Nattu kaka have ordered 5000 pichkaris. Jethalal tells them that he is going to Nattu kaka 's house to cross check since they are not picking up his call.

Bhide enters the compound on his Sakharam (scooter). Jethalal asks him to take him to Nattu kaka 's house. Bhide tells him it's not safe to drive his Sakharam in the narrow lanes. Jethalal pushes Bhide and eventually takes an auto which arrives in the compound. Before leaving, Bhide makes Jethalal apologize to him.

Jethalal reaches Nattu kaka and Bagha's house. They are seen deep in meditation and get shocked to see Jethalal . Jethalal asks them why they ordered 5000 pichkaris and they explain they didn't. Bagha tells Jethalal that he had recorded his conversation with the dealer.

It is learnt that the dealer is hard of listening and he misunderstood. Bagha sends the recording to Piyush Pichkari after explaining everything to him over phone call. Piyush Pichkari tells Jethalal that he thought he has opened a 'pichkari' shop, since the business is slow these days.

After everything is settled, Bagha makes breakfast for Jethalal and even packs some for Bapu Ji and Tapu. He also tells Jethalal that Bawri has gone to London for a makeover. At Gokuldham, Bapu Ji looks for Jethalal. Tapu calls Jethalal and finds his phone at home.

Bapu Ji then goes to the compound and asks Mehta if he has seen Jethalal. He tells him he hasn't. Just then, Jethalal arrives and tells everything to Bapu Ji. He also offers delicious breakfast to Mehta. Mehta gets excited but Anjali comes there and reprimands him.