Madhya Pradesh: Congress 'disappeared' MLA renounces state assembly

NEW DELHI: The congressional government led by Kamal Nath in Madhya Pradesh suffered a setback on Thursday when an MLA party announced its resignation from the state assembly. The MLA Congress sent its resignation letter to the assembly speaker Narmada Prasad Prajapati on Thursday night.

Dang is one of several MLAs in Congress who had disappeared in recent days. Congress has accused the BJP of holding these MLAs hostage. The BJP, however, denied the charge that it was trying to poach Congress MLAs in a bid to bring down the state government.

The MLA said that although he had been elected for the second time from Suwasra in Mandsaur, no minister or officials listened to him and that was why he had resigned.

Six of the MLAs in Congress returned Wednesday after which state Congress spokesman Shobha Oza said the Kamal operation (actions of the prime minister Kamal Nath ) had triumphed over operation lotus (the alleged attempt by the BJP, whose symbol is lotus, to topple the government).

Legislators of the Bahujan Samaj Party and Samajwadi Party, who were brought back by a special plane by Congress leaders to Bhopal, denied charges of horse-trading and abduction by BJP leaders in Madhya Pradesh.

While reiterating their support to the Congress-led Kamal Nath government, BSP MLAs Ram Bai and Sanjeev Singh Kushwaha and SP legislator Rajesh Shukla denied that any BJP leader contacted them and offered a deal.

However, Dang was among the four who had not returned to Bhopal.

The other 3 MLAs: Raghuraj Kansana, Bishulal Singh of Congress and the independent MLA Surendra Singh Shera, are still missing.

The 230-member has 114 Congress MLAs followed by the BJP which has 107 members.

The mark for the simple majority is 116. Four independents, two MLAs from the BSP and one from the SP provide crucial support to the government of Congress.

Two seats are vacant following the deaths of a Congress and a BJP legislator.