CBI reserves the son of former J&K minister in case of bank fraud

SRINAGAR: The CBI on Thursday booked Hilal Rather, the businessman son of former J&K financier Abdul Rahim Rather, for a bank fraud of Rs 177 million immediately after taking over the case at the request of the Anti-Corruption Office.

Hilal, accused of diverting commercial loans taken from J&K Bank cheated on property in the US UU. And Dubai has entered and left hospitals since he was arrested in Jammu on January 16 and then in judicial custody.

On Wednesday, the J&K high court ordered the Jammu medical superintendent to set up a board of doctors from the urology, pulmonary and general medicine departments to examine Hilal, who is said to suffer from kidney disease, and submit a report within two days. It will be the second evaluation of this type of medical condition in court orders.

Justice specified in his order that Dr. Rahul Gupta, associate professor of urology at the Government School of Medicine, should not be included in the meeting since he wrote the first report.

A senior official said that CBI was requested to take charge of the case on March 2 because it was better equipped than the Anti-Corruption Office to investigate a case involving the illegal purchase of property abroad with loans taken for a project here. Apparently, part of the money was used to sponsor a T20 cricket team and present shows from a popular standup comic.

In addition to auditors and forensic experts, the IWC has more experience handling this case, the official said.

Hilal had taken loans totaling Rs 177 crore for a municipal project called Paradise Avenue in Narwal Bala in Jammu in 2012. His father was then finance minister in the coalition government of the National Conference-Congress. These loans were declared non-profitable assets in 2017.