Trivendra received a historic announcement about Gairsain

GAIRSAIN/DEHRADUN: One day after the historic announcement about the realization was made, the locals gathered in hordes near the assembly facilities here on Thursday to grant a grand reception to the prime minister and other leaders.

The residents of Gairsain and adjacent to Bharadisain applied gulal on the forehead of the prime minister and tricked him into expressing his gratitude.

People also applied gulal on the forehead of Speaker Prem Chandra Aggrawal, Pradesh President BJP Bansidhar Bhagat and urban development minister Madan Kaushik to greet them on the occasion.

The prime minister said he has been flooded with congratulatory messages from Uttarakhandis from across the country and abroad after making the announcement about Gairsain.

The development of mountainous areas and the creation of basic facilities in remote parts were the main objectives behind the struggle for statehood for Uttarakhand, Rawat said.

The government is committed to working according to the aspirations of those who fought for statehood, he said.

The fact that people in Gairsain and Bharadisain are celebrating Holi in advance shows their sense of joy in the announcement, Rawat said.

Meanwhile, the BJP held celebrations in its offices throughout the state to greet the announcement with party workers popping firecrackers and distributing candy among them.

The main program was held at the state BJP headquarters on Balbir Road, here in the presence of the main party leaders, including the vice president of the Pradesh party, Devendra Bhasin.

The chief minister will receive a large reception from party workers when he returns from Gairsain, Bhasin said.

The prime minister's announcement that Gairsain became the state's summer capital is historic. We congratulate him and the people of the state for this, said Pradesh BJP President Bansidhar Bhagat in a statement.

The announcement also fulfills a promise made by the party in its vision document for the 2017 assembly surveys, he said.

Doing so will accelerate the development of the mountainous areas of the state, Bhagat said.

It is a significant step towards the integral development of the state, he said. 20 years after Uttarakhand obtained statehood, Prime Minister Rawat announced Wednesday that he made Gairsain the capital of Uttarakhand in the state assembly in an attempt to end a political and emotional issue that had been boiling for a long time. weather.

The announcement partially meets a long-standing demand from the hill people who wanted Gairsain to become the permanent capital of Uttarakhand.