Sara Ali Khan: I don't look like a star

Actress Sara Ali Khan He doesn't think he grew up in a family of stars, and says he doesn't consider himself a star.

My parents are actors, but I don't think I grew up in the star family. Father, for example, has always been very particular about education and my mother is the champion of humility. She thinks you put your leave and let your work speak for yourself, Sara said.

I never had much exposure to Bollywood. I really don't think it comes from a family of stars. I don't look like a star, the actors' daughter added. Saif Ali Khan & Amrita Singh .

Looking back on his growing years, he said: I was a naughty student in the school I played antics on everyone. One of the antics I remember was dropping glue on the fan blades which spilled all over the class when switched on. I almost got suspended for this because my principal kept asking why I did this, & I had no answer to it."

Asked about her equation with wife of Saif & actress Kareena Kapoor , Sara replied: "I admire Kareena Kapoor & her work. She's a professional who always gives preference to work. Her style of working is something I would want to imbibe from her."